So, about Teresa Ammons...


Makeup Artist Teresa Ammons began her career as a makeup artist apprentice in her hometown of San Diego, California, at the age of 18. She later moved to Miami, Florida and it was her love of makeup application and artistry that lead her to work as a makeup artist at Sephora. Her time at Sephora was where she gained a wealth of knowledge, having applied makeup on thousands of clients over a three year period across the U.S including Miami Beach, Orlando, and Los Angeles. During her time at Sephora, she received national award recognition for her artistry. 

It was when she moved to Los Angeles and began to freelance that she quickly gained the attention of Young Hollywood, from working as the personal makeup artist for actors and singers to being requested by countless social media influencers. Teresa's work has appeared on red carpets as well as in music videos, magazines, movies, and weddings. She's also a photographer favorite in the industry for client head shots for her ability to create a smooth and flawless complexion for perfect, untouched, straight from the camera shots.  

Teresa specializes in Natural Glam and is inspired by everyone's natural beauty. She loves to emphasize her client's features while still keeping their natural look. Having been personally trained by major makeup brands, she also serves as her client's go-to expert for makeup application and product advice. She's often requested to hold classes on trending products and application techniques.

At a young age, Teresa was diagnosed with panic disorder. During her struggles with the disorder, makeup became her outlet and safe place. She would spend hours in front of her mirror at home experimenting with all the different colors and textures that fascinated her. It would serve as a wonderful distraction for her during that time. Her love of makeup became so much more important to her than just a hobby, it has been life-changing. 

Having attended hundreds of hours of hands-on, brand specific training and having applied makeup on thousands of clients with varying skin types, Teresa has had the extraordinary opportunity to obtain a lifetime of valuable experience in just a few amazing years.



Photos by Kyle DeWitt.